Yeh Duniya Rangeen – A Play for Toddlers

The Beehive



    Duration: 30 Min + 15 Min Interaction

    Suitable age group: 1 year and above

    About the Play: Sky has a Color, Water has Color

    Bright sun is filled with Colors,

    Food has Colors, Fruits have Colors

    Colorful grains filled with Colors

    Happiness has Color, Sadness has Color

    all our Emotions are built with Colors

    The performance explores Primary and Secondary colors using physical movements, sound and few objects.

    It brings audience and performer on a platform where they exchange emotions and understanding of these colors.

    During the performance the actors displays primary colors and uses mixing colors in such a way that emerging of the secondary color looks magical. The performance was the result of a collaborative project between I-Entertainment and La Baracca from Bologna, Italy.

    Ticket needs to be purchased for child and adult.

    Ticket- Per Person - ₹ 300

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